James – 18-21

James House 18-21 Corsham Street, London, N1 6DR

This Building Is 5 Minutes From Old Street Station, Fully Refurbished, Airconditioned, Wet Rooms, Bike Port and Computer Flooring. All floors cat 5 & 6 cabled and telephoned cabled. Lease 10 years with 5 Year Rent Review and Break Clause. Rent deposit and premium are to be agreed.

The total area of James House is 11000 sq ft. Call me now for the best deal.” — Jimmy

James – Lower Ground

Occupies: 3607 sq ft

James – Ground Floor

Occupies: 3190 sq ft

James – First Floor

Occupies: 2450 sq ft

James – Mezzanine Floor

Occupies: 723 sq ft

James – Second Floor

Occupies: 1030 sq ft

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